Loyalty Strategy and CRM Analytics Professional - Állást kínál - Szeged

Feltöltő neve: garaitimi88
Feltöltés ideje: 2017. szeptember 20., szerda
Hirdető neve: Antavo Kft.
E-mail cím: timi.garai@antavo.com
Telefonszám: +36305729389
About the positon

As a Loyalty Strategy and CRM Analytics Professional at Antavo, you will work alongside some of the most innovative global brands in the world, such as Toys “R” Us, Pepsi, LuisaViaRoma, Björn Borg, and many more. You’ll have the chance to gain insights from international markets and trends, while exploring the needs and problems in various industry sectors.

Moreover, as a key member of the Antavo team, your insights and knowledge will contribute to the development and innovation of our core product.


COOL COLLEAGUES – Work together with inspiring colleagues to build something new.
EXCITING TASKS – Provide inputs for our machine learning and automation solution.
INNOVATE PROJECTS – Help to develop our product with your analytical inputs
INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE – Work with global brands and explore their strategies.
SOCIAL VIBES – Shared gokart or movie experience? We love spending time together.


Hands-on application of data analysis techniques, targeting, segmentation, predictive modelling, business and loyalty marketing metrics, campaign and cohort analysis, customer profiling and other customer classification analyses
Investigate how concrete retail organizations’ customer retention strategies can be optimized by recommending loyalty incentives and conducting customer behavior analyses
Identify opportunities for improvement and deliver ongoing enhancements of models and data solutions, with the goal of increasing client member engagement and ROI
Develop and implement statistical models and data enhancements to use in Antavo’s automation system


2+ years of professional experience developing predictive models, managing and mining customer data for marketing analytics purposes, and automating analytical processes
Understanding of B2C retail strategy, customer lifecycle marketing and data-driven marketing
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
Ability to investigate and solve problems independently, a keen interest in understanding and explaining customer behavior, and a passion for addressing key business questions through data and analytics
Excellent spoken and written English


You’re ready to take on new challenges in a leading role, while providing new methodical approaches to develop Antavo’s analytical capabilities
You enjoy thinking creatively about how advanced analytics and data can help solve business problems
You’d like to focus your talents on getting results and making a tangible business impact
You’re a natural team player, you enjoy working collaboratively and sharing your knowledge with others

To apply for this job, please send your CV through our home page: https://antavo.com/job/loyalty-strategy-and-crm-analytics-professional/.